Prison island tour

Prison island tour in Zanzibar is an half Day Tour starts and end at your hotel,

the main attractions:-

-Zanzibar tortoises



-beach relaxation

-historical site

about the tour

Snorkeling around prison island (changuu island) has been one among the must do activities, there are a lot to talk about, but the most important ones are the history of slavery which is linked with the detention of the slaves soon after the abolishing of the sinful trade,

It is only 25 to 30 minutes by using the engine boat, our boats are roughly 7 meter-long, once you reach onto this magnificient island you will be welcomed by the Zanzibarian tortoises who are said to have mpore than 150 years into the island, these unique and rare inhabitants are more social and friends to anyone, apart from that there are dilapidated buildings,

In one way or the other, General mathews bought it and the gaul, which stillstands, was built in 1893, as a central prison for Zanzibar, hence the name PRISON ISLAND. It was however, never utilised as such.

Tour starts:

-this is a private tour and it may start anytime before 4pm and after 9am, but we are highly suggest pickup time from your hotel to be at 8:30am,  All  this is  organized  through Manyara Travel

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